Downtown Seattle – Holiday Lights Tour

Downtown Seattle is a must see during the month of December. 

  • Gingerbread Village at the Sheraton
  • Stay at or visit the Fairmont Olympic Hotel…beautifully decorated for the season
  • Viewing of the bright star on the Macy’s store
  • Get a coffee or hot cocoa at the 2nd busiest Starbucks on the North American continent (corner of Pine and 4th)
  • Shop, view the decor in the window displays
  • see a musical at the 5th Avenue theatre… like Cinderella (we did!)
  • See the snow fall at Pacific Place, nightly at 6 pm
  • grab a bite…plenty of options.  We stopped at pnk Restaurant & Ultra Lounge this year, located at Pacific Place. Ambitious but missed the mark.  The calamari gets a thumbs up.
  • Pike Place Market
  • And what fun “tourist” event was enjoyed?  the Ride the Ducks Holiday Lights Tour:

Ride the Ducks of Seattle, known for a tour of Seattle by amphibious landing craft, does a Holiday Lights Tour during the holiday season.  Go with a participatory attitude and you’ll likely have a good time. Meg “Nog” was our wacky driver.  The music played was a mix of fun holiday music, 1999 by Prince, and what really made it for me was the Rock N Roll All Night (and party every day) by KISS – Whoo Hoo!  Awesome!  They provided warm blankets, bell ringers, and a duck quacker to add to the festive ride.  Bundle up. It is a short tour (30 minutes) and would suggest that they could go to/around the Seattle Center/Space Needle for more “lights”.  Find a coupon.  If you want more Seattle history and landmark discussion, take the regular tour.  It was a fun addition to the season. 

See the December 4, 2010 post for more fun things to do during the holiday season.


Christmastime at Molbak’s, Swansons, and Wight’s

Molbak’s…especially in December, is a tradition held by many!  It is the place to go to find every poinsettia imaginable, for a visit with Santa, to pick out your tree, take pics with your family and friends, and see an array of ornaments and Christmas decor alike.  Many choose to make this their annual holiday outing with friends.   Located in Woodinville, WA on NE 175th St.

We found the hard to find mistletoe here.   Or maybe you are looking for Danish Kringle or a gift for the garden lover?  Molbak’s has a wonderful selection of garden and home accessories, gift options, and  holiday products.  Take a wreathmaking class or add a collectible from Department 56.  This year’s purchase – mistletoe

Wight’s – much like Molbaks, Wight’s Home & Garden Wonderland of Christmas has a plethora of holiday trees decorated to fit many tastes.  Purchase an ornament or get a new idea.  I am always impressed how the staff can keep filling/decorating the trees, bins, and racks on their busiest days of the season.  This year’s purchase – a gift (ornament), glass garland, and glass icicles.  Located in Lynnwood, WA on 196th St. SW.

Swanson’s Nursery – this outing is sure to please!  Located in the Ballard area of Seattle on 15th Ave. NW.

  • A gift shop filled with nature inspired gifts for you, your home, or a friend.
  • Alexa’s Garden Cafe for a latte, a savory soup and scrumptious sandwich, an egg dish – serving breakfast and lunch
  • Take a Seminar
  • See Santa and the model train/village
  • Visit Curley, Moe, and the reindeer in the stables of the Reindeer Festival!  In case you are wondering… Curley is the Camel, Moe the Donkey
  • Christmas ornaments, gift options, poinsettia, and all the other garden essentials

This year’s purchase – a package of cocktail napkins

Next stop:  Squak Mt. Greenhouses and Nursery in Issaquah, WA .  And while I’m in Issaquah, maybe a stop at the Cougar Mountain Zoo to see the Issaquah Reindeer Festival (since 1988) – Santa, Reindeer, and more…  P.S. I recommend the gift shop!

Holly and mistletoe…

“I heard the bells on Christmas Day
Their old, familiar carols play,
And wild and sweet the words repeat
Of peace on earth, good-will to men!”
Henry Wadsworth Longfellow

 “Holly and mistletoe
Candles and bells,
I know the message
That each of you tells.”
Leland B. Jacobs, Mrs. Ritters First Grade Critters

 “A full moon shines
over the morning frost;
the lanes are full of late-fallen leaves;
walking across the mulch
is almost as tricky
as treading over ice.

In town the carol-singers are in
crowding the shopping-mall,
while a group of muffled musicians
play by the outside market.

This year but two robins
on the early Christmas cards;
the squirrel still runs along the fence
skirting our newly-erected shed.”
Gerald England, Mid-December, Famous Poets