Bourbon Bash at Daniel’s Broiler

The 2nd annual Bourbon Bash was held at Daniel’s Broiler in Bellevue, WA the weekend of March 16th.  What makes this event a real treat is the hard to find and relatively new bourbon/whiskeys can be found here.  With your admission fee, a glass and tasting/reference booklet is provided, and then you will be on your way to tasting away.

If you are not a bourbon afficiando, the Bourbon Bash is a great opportunity to learn about how bourbon is made and try a variety to determine what your style might be.  There are bourbons made of rye, wheat, barley, corn or a combination, and more.  Bourbon Whiskey can be made in any state but it is generally known for in Kentucky.  Most bourbon is aged for more than four years, but at two years it can be called “Straight Bourbon” and the oldest bourbons being aged in oak up to 30 years.  To learn more about the history of bourbon, check out a few sites like  Or

At the Bourbon Bash, there were over 40 (actually 80) different bourbons to taste.  My favorites, and some of these I actually own, were Pappy Van Winkle (20 year, 23 year), Black Maple Hill 16 yr Bourbon, Booker’s True Barrel Bourbon, Buffalo Trace Bourbon, Buffalo Trace Creme  (this was brought out as a special taste), E.H. Taylor “Tornado Survivor” Bourbon, Elijah Craig 20 Year Bourbon, Jefferson’s 18 Year Reserve Bourbon, 1792 Ridgemont Reserve Bourbon, Old Pogue Master’s Select Bourbon, Old Forester Birthday Bourbon, and a “young” one, Burnside Bourbon (Portland), as well as Lexington Bourbon Whiskey.  You won’t get to all of those presented but it’s good to try something you aren’t familiar with or that might be hard to find.  Maybe you’ll get to the others on your next time around?

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