Whatever your interest, the Pacific Northwest is a year-round paradise.

Our mists and rain keep our region clean and green so when the sun comes out, it sparkles here.  There’s so much to discover: glacier-topped mountains, ocean beaches, freshwater lakes, inspiring national parks, vibrant cities and on and on.  And then you have your drier areas on the east side of the Cascade mountains (and typically more snow during the winter)…where you may see rattlesnakes, boating on the Columbia River, a stampede, or the vineyards and wine tasting of Walla Walla and other wine regions.

Take advantage of the area you live in…whether it be by taking a walk on a local trail, a road trip to seek out the areas bounty or enjoying a local festival or outdoor concert.

A few things you many not know about the region’s inhabitants: we love sports, music, movies, coffee (although I do not drink it), we’re foodies who enjoy local wines and handcrafted beers, and we’re wired to be independent and innovative.

Within 4 hours reach…and then some is meant to be another option to the infamous coffee table book or travel guide.  This is mainly about those happenings within 4 hours reach of the Puget Sound area, but it might include content about places farther.



One thought on “About

  1. I enjoyed your photos, personal commentary and style of writing.

    This is great inspiration for more of us to appreciatate and explore what is within four minutes, miles, hours or right before us at the moment

    Another lover of the Northwest!

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