Rover’s Restaurant

Opened in 1987, Rover’s Restaurant is closing its doors (at its current location anyway) at the end of April – one month to go!  It is one of Chef Thierry Rautureau’s (also known as the “Chef in the Hat”) ventures.   The Fedora is his favorite. You also might know him from his appearances on Top Chef and others.  There are times that Chef Thierry is there to greet the guests but on this night, he was not.  Scott, the Sommelier and our server Paul took very good care of us.  Rover’s is on many people’s bucket list….maybe it’s on yours?  Make your reservation now and believe me, you will not be disappointed.  I was fortunate enough to experience this gem and my one word to describe it would be – Priceless!  The evening was magical, although not inexpensive by any means, and certainly worth the bucket list designation.  Mind you, I have been to Rover’s once before, but it was so good to experience it again.

Rover’s is considered fine dining but business casual dress is considered appropriate.  It’s the perfect place for a romantic dinner for two, for a group of friends celebrating a birthday or a business dinner.  The menu is Pacific Northwest with a French accent, as the website notes.  The plates are small bites, small portions.  Just enough to give you a flavorful introduction. You can choose from one of the three multi-course Degustation tasting menus or choose your selections a la carte.  The a la carte selections chosen were just perfect:

  • Amuse Bouche
  • Ling Cod
  • Diver Scallop
  • Foie Gras Sautern
  • Roasted Leg of Lamb
  • Waygu Beef
  • European and Local Cheese Assortment
  • Symphony of Desserts

The wine list is top-notch!  We had a glass of  Schramsberg, Blanc de Blancs, Sparkling, 2007  and also brought in our own bottle of Maya, 2000 vintage to celebrate this event.  A corkage fee is applied (you may bring in one bottle) and it cannot exist on their wine list.  See the FAQ section for more information.

All the way around, What a treat!

Chef Thierry’s other restaurant, Luc, which is a casual affair, is just a couple doors down on E. Madison in Seattle, WA

Why is the restaurant called Rover’s?

Old Rover was a country dog,
He led a single life;
He always said he’d rather not
Be troubled with a wife.

One day beneath the orchard trees
With his friend Don he sat;
And about “meets” and sporting news
They had a pleasant chat.

At last Squire Rover said, “I mean,
While you’re a guest of mine
To ask the neighbours to the Hall,
With you, friend Don, to dine.”

Don wagged his tail, and thanked his friend
With very great delight;
“And may I ask,” he, smiling, said,
“What guests you will invite?”

“Well, let me see: there’s Mr. Bull,
And Mrs. Bull, his wife;
Jane Bull, and Mr. Newfoundland,
Who saved young master’s life.

“For ladies-young and pretty too-
There are Italian pets,
Toy terriers, and Cuba belles,
Who live in first-rate sets.

“And as for sporting characters,
I really needn’t say
How many members of the hunt
Have kennels down this way.”

Said Don, “A very pleasant set!
It will be quite a treat
So many worthy dogs, dear friend,
At your kind feast to meet.”

The invitations were sent out,
And no one can decline
At Rover’s hospitable board
With his friend Don to dine.

A cordial welcome they are sure
At Rover’s house to find;
And dogs, like children, love to go
Where friends are always kind.

And now the happy day is come,
The guests are ushered in;
And Rover, very grandly drest,
His friends is welcoming.

First to arrive is Mr. Bull-
He seldom is too late,
Though for his wife, and daughter too,
Sometimes compelled to wait.

Next comes Miss Fanny, Dressed in silk,
A gold chain round her neck,
Her black eyes shining like two stars;
With flowers her head is decked.

And by her side a noble dog,
Bearing a glorious name;
From snowy mountains far away,
General St. Bernard came.

The guests have all at last arrived;
Then loudly sounds the gong,
And to the dining-room, in pairs,
They slowly moved along.

And soon were seated at the feast-
A dinner à la Russe-
The soup and fish were handed round
By footmen grand in plush.

While all the time they ate and talked,
Dessert, attention claimed;
And very pretty looked the fruit
In autumn flowers framed

“I hope,” said worthy Mr. Bull,
“You’ll not forget, dear host,
To keep our good old custom up,
And let us drink a toast.”

Dog rover nodded an assent,
And rising, said “I give
The health of our most gracious Queen,
Long may Victoria live!”

And thus the pleasant evening sped
(Too rapid in its flight),
Until the ladies (with warm thanks)
To Rover bade “Good Night.”

Then, gathered in the smoking-room
To talk all matters over,
The sporting dogs remained awhile
With “that good fellow” Rover.

How long they sat and all they said
I shall not stop to say;
But I have heard they left the house
Just at the break of day.

From a Northern Irish fable about a dinner party for animals thrown by Rover the dog.

March Meets ?

It’s March which means Spring is just around the corner.  It’s time to think about spring cleaning (have you cleaned behind your appliances recently?) but it also Washington Wine Month and there is much to see and do around town.  So do both…stay in and get things cleaned up and get out and about to see what there is to see.  A number of suggestions for this month are:

  • Skip everything else this weekend and head to the Poverty Bay Wine Festival, Des Moines, Mar 1-3
  • Take a tour/walk of Kubota Garden, Seattle
  • Experience the Washington Coast – road trip worthy to awaken those weary bones
  • Penn Cove Mussel Festival, Coupeville, Mar 2-3
  • Taste Washington, Seattle, Mar 23-24
  • Participate in an Easter Egg hunt
  • It’s Dine Around Seattle time – check out to view the participating restaurants – you can’t go wrong with these great selections, Puget Sound area
  • Shen Yun 2013, McCaw Hall in Seattle, Mar 28-30
  • Do you have a love of Opera or would it be your first time?  La Boheme, Seattle, thru Mar 10
  • Visit the new MOHAI (Museum of History and Industry), Lake Union, Seattle
  • It’s that time of year!  Irish Festival, Seattle Center, Mar 16-17
  • March 20th is Daffodil Day!  It’s the Spring Equinox!