Autumn exists

October in the Pacific Northwest has seen stunning color this year.

We’ve seen rain, wind and also a 70 degree fall day.

A leisurely stroll, getting steps in

Feeling the warm breeze, seeing the trees move with the wind

Hearing the crisp leaves move along the road

Autumn exists.

Adventure Awaits

It’s January 1st and its a First Day Hike kind of day.  At many of the Washington State Parks, along with other America’s State Parks, it’s a chance to create an experience in this season of resolutions and renewal.  And it is also a Washington State Parks ‘Free Day’ too.   Get the info here…

So which movie are we going to see?  Just kidding.

Happy 1st Day of Fall 2015

Ready to say goodbye to Summer?  You may not have been last week but now that Autumn has officially arrived, you just might be.  It’s a collection of new beginnings, traditions, festivals, and a time to settle in for the upcoming Winter.  The leaves turn color and fall to the earth.  The wind and rain show themselves.  As it is a fascinating time, you may yearn to know more.  Check out the links below for some Autumn (and Fall) content and if you want more…search for it.