Dining in June…

The Ram – Kent, WA and have visited University Village and Northgate locations (Seattle) as well.  There are locations in four other states.  http://www.theram.com/  The Kent location is located at Kent Station http://www.kentstation.com/ which includes a movie theater and shopping…so whether you make it your only reason for visiting or a stop before or after your outing…it makes your time there a good one.  We happened to see Iron Man 2 beforehand – and it gets a thumbs-up!  The RAM is a good place to view a sporting event, offers good quality food and a nice menu selection.  A favorite and common selection is Buttface Amber beer and Bacon Chedder burger.  The French Dip is also a good choice.   Ooohh…and we can’t forget the Bloody Mary, especially for game day (morning).  Join their MVP club for updates and promotions via email.

The Ram UPDATE 1/16/11 – Northgate location.   During this time of year, The Ram opens at 9 am for NFL playoffs and serves a breakfast menu.  We were there bright and early for the festivities; unfortunately the Seattle Seahawks lost to the Chicago Bears…two games away from the Superbowl.  This description was taken straight from the menu.. THE FABURGE, a masterpiece of burger d’art, named after the famed “Faburge” egg…features breakfast, lunch and dinner in every bite. Seasoned burger patty, topped with Wisconsin cheddar, sliced country ham, hickory smoked bacon, fried egg, fried onion crisps and mayonnaise 11.99 (note:  I did not have this selection but the comment was that it is GOOD…with enthusiasm :)).  Also, the Nachos Deluxe (beef) was served as well as the Full Blitz Skillet.  On this day, The Ram made a special Bloody Mary that came with a skewer of olives, onions, cheese, celery, and cherry tomatoes…and a snit of Blonde ale.

Joey Restaurant (two times this month) – locations in Canada and three in Washington State.  Suggestions include the BLT Wedge Salad (although I typically ask for it to be chopped), Joey Signature Fries, Cheesburger Sliders, and all else that has been tried http://joeyrestaurants.com/.  This is a good meeting place and you can typically find this a big hangout for the male persuasion…the women servers wearing black.  UPDATE 3/2011 – I wish I had ordered the burger or sliders on this date….  there were four of us and the partial winner was the Evil Chicken Chopped Salad.

Redhook Brewery/Forecaster’s Pub – Woodinville, WA – see “Sammamish River Trail” posting

Tacos Guaymas – see “Green Lake” posting

See “4 hours to Methow Valley” posting for various…

Green Lake

When I moved back to the Seattle area many years ago, Green Lake (I typically spell it …Greenlake) was a recommended must-see to visitors as it is a popular space that exudes vibrancy, community, and the Northwest lifestyle.   I haven’t been back in the last couple years and wondered why as I fell right back “in appreciation” with it.  This lake is nestled between I-5 and Hwy 99 in Seattle, WA.  It is surrounded by homes, restaurants, and shopping…where parking can be a challenge at times.  What I saw on my outing: 

A range of race, nationality, every age..from baby to elderly, dress…whether it be fitness, jeans or workwear (I actually saw someone walking in a business suit), and all lifestyles…moms with their children in strollers (a lot of these), family, friends, co-workers, those getting in their daily (or periodic) walk or run, rollerblading, frisbee, and those walking (or running) their dogs (and there are all kinds)…I loved this as I like dogs.  There are those that are picnicking or sunning themselves, boat rentals, people watching while feeding a squirrel (not recommended), birdwatching, fishing, playing with a motorized boat, reading a book (while walking) or sipping coffee, bicycling, playing tennis, basketball, those having a group meeting or class, and children playing at the playground (and wading pool when it gets warmer).  I especially enjoyed seeing three older gents taking a stroll, getting their exercise, and enjoying conversation.  Rowing, sailing, canoeing, and kayaking classes can be had at the Green Lake Small Craft Center.  And for your art fix – the Seattle Public Theater at the Bathhouse http://seattlepublictheater.org/ offers community-based theater in an intimate setting. 

What to do:  EVERYTHING!




Headed to Super Jock ‘n Jill http://superjocknjill.com/ to see their Thursday night sports therapist with regards to my foot…seems to be that I need to stretch my tight calves to keep the pressure off the toes.  Super Jock ‘n Jill has good service and really looks to find you the right shoe.  Anyway, met a friend for lunch prior to and ended up at Tacos Guaymas at Green Lake.  http://www.tacosguaymas.com/cantinagreenlake/index.html   This is one of my preferred spots located here.   I enjoyed the complimentary chips and salsa and draft beer for happy hour (sitting in the bar area is my preference).  I cannot comment on the margaritas as I have not had these recently.  We ordered the chicken soft tacos and a quesadilla.  The staff is friendly…with smiles from the men.  And a special treat, a mariachi band entertains on a regular basis at this location.  Tacos Guaymas has other locations as well.