A Day of SEA

A day spent visiting places or seeing things beginning with SEA.  The Seattle Art Museum, Seatown, and the Seattle Seahawks!

The current exhibition at the Seattle Art Museum  http://www.seattleartmuseum.org/   is Beauty & Bounty:  American Art in an Age of Exploration runs June 30 – September 11, 2011.  Yes, you have only one week left to see it.  This exhibit was mainly made up of oil on canvas with some photography and sculpture thrown in.  It also contained the exhibit Reclaimed: Nature & Place Through Contemporary Eyes.  Not my favorite exhibit but I did enjoy the following works of art:

  • Northwest Field Recording (2010) – ink on paper, Victoria Haven  http://www.vichaven.com/  Side A and Side B.  I would love this for my home, office or other…
  • Estes Park (1869) – oil on board, Albert Bierstadt
  • Afternoon along the Shore (1878) – oil on panel, Herman Herzog
  • Grand Canyon of the Yellowstone (1878) – oil on canvas, Thomas Moran

Seatown – this restaurant is located on the busy corner of Western and Virginia in Downtown Seattle.  Just a hop skip and a jump to Pike Place Market or across the street to the park where the waters of the Puget Sound and Olympic Mountains can be seen.  Seatown is a Tom Douglas creation and offers prime viewing of the hustle and bustle of a summer’s day (perfect for the tourist in all of us).  Based on the menu selection and the competition around every corner, I can recommend it for lunch or a late afternoon bite.  The not so pleasant part of the escape – our server had a nonchalant attitude and she took her time with getting us our bill.  What we did enjoy however, besides the location, was the Dungeness Crab Cocktail, Oyster combo, and the Dahlia Bakery bread (with butter and rosemary lardo).  Check out the menu here:  http://tomdouglas.com/index.php/restaurants/seatown

Seattle Seahawks –  the Seattle Seahawks played their longtime West Coast rival, the Oakland Raiders.  I have a hard time not saying Raiders without ESPN’s Chris Berman’s take on it.  They played at CenturyLink Field in the last preseason game before starting the regular NFL season next Sunday.  The sunset this evening was a beauty.  Prior to the game, Safeco Field’s “The Pen” opens for happy hour where you can quench your thirst and snack on a slice of pepperoni pizza at APizza (or other).  Good stuff!  Seahawks won 20-3.  Next up – Emerald Downs (see May 2010 post)

Opening Day…Seattle Mariners

Opening Day with the Seattle Mariners!  This night brought a tribute to Dave Niehaus as well as awards to Ichiro… all-time Mariners hits leader and other Gold Glove awards.  Safeco Field has a new addition…The Pen, courtesy of Root Sports.  They have opened up the pitching area so that there is no cage/wired barrier.  This is a great place to view the game.  There are TV’s, great music playing, a fireside lounge, a historical journey showcasing “The Sheriff” Norm Charlton, Gaylord Perry, Randy Johnson, and others.  There is an additional bar that serves cocktails and new restaurants, like the Flying Turtle (Slow Cooked Beef Torta, Braised Pork Torta), Hamburg & Frites, and La Creperie (Strawberry crepe…you can skip this), and APizza (White Pizza…this has broccoli on it…fyi).  After trying all three of the pizza options, definitely go for the pepperoni.  There is also a M’s store called Good Stuff.  Nice!  I am starting a diet this week as we took advantage of it being opening day. 🙂  As it was opening night, they have some work to do.  The menus do not contain the ingredients…so ask what is on it before the guy says “with everything”.  Also, the scoreboards were not quite up to par as they indicated scoring from the day before and earlier in the day…so not accurate.  We were sitting in section 108 so we were able to text @msbeervendor for personalized service, as he was donating some of his tips to the Japan relief fund… #36.  Those serving the beverages are now wearing neon green shirts – I like it!  Was that the longest 4th inning in Mariners history?  I don’t know, but it felt like it.  Although there was a loss this evening, I still recommend going out and supporting the M’s and enjoying the good ‘ol American pasttime…baseball.  Safeco Field is top-notch!

UPDATE June 2011 –  still a nice experience…but, they removed much of their beer selection from The Pen.  So, if you want Snoqualmie Amber or others, you will need to find it elsewhere in the park.  It looks like they are mainly carrying the “big” boy brands.   Bummer, as it looks like they did it again…you have a good thing and they screw it up by changing it.