Queen Anne Delight

A few hours spent on Queen Anne Hill in Seattle, WA…

Stop #1 – Hilltop Ale House served up a hearty Diamond Knot “Summer” Brown Ale, Artichoke Hummus Pita Plate and a to die for “The Goat Cheese Salad”.  Ingredients for The Goat Cheese Salad include:  creamy goat cheese, rolled in olive oil and bread crumbs, then baked in oven, placed on fresh mixed greens tossed with roasted pecans, sliced red onion, oven baked herbed croutons with freshly made Sundried Tomato-Balsamic Vinaigrette.  http://www.seattlealehouses.com/  

Stop #2 – Caffe Fiore – http://caffefiore.com/   This friendly neighborhood cafe opened in 2005 serving all organic coffee as well as pastry/snacks.  There are multiple tables – some big enough to share with other members of the community and chairs on the front/side patio to take in the south sun… great way to spend a lazy afternoon.  The dark chocolate mint cookie is a delight.

Stop #3 – Top Pot Doughnuts – http://www.toppotdoughnuts.com/  One of the regions favorites!  Try the sprinkled Seattle Sounders doughnut.  Check out “Our Story” to find out how they came up with the name Top Pot.

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