Mariners Baseball and Elysian Fields

Although I have written of this before (see May 2010), I needed to add to it as the experience was again a good one.  Prior to the July 8th Seattle Mariners game vs. the New York Yankees, we had starters at Elysian Fields.  Recommendations:  1) Side:  French Fries 2) Starter: Oasis Plate – Hummus, Baba Ganouj, cucumber salad, grilled pita.  The cucumber salad is wonderful – nice chunks of tomato, feta cheese, cucumber.  So good I had to mention it.  3) Starter: Fried Goat Cheese – rosemary honey, red pepper coulis, grilled baguette – YUM!!!! It is also served with greens that has a delicious balsamic dressing.  Delectable!  4)  Men’s Room Original Red – and for the fans… it is being served in other establishments around the Puget Sound area and is now being bottled.

The weather was great for baseball in the summertime.  Did you ever hear that summer starts July 5th in the Seattle area?  It is true much of the time.  On this day, it was our hottest day yet…but still comfortable.  We were sitting behind right field where Nick Swisher was playing for the Yankees.  I am not a Yankee fan but am a Nick Swisher fan.  I was wearing my Oakland Athletics 33 Swisher t-shirt…I stood up and yelled…Hey Swish!  He looked, smiled, and tipped his hat…now that was cool!  It made my night.   A shout out must also be given to the staff at Safeco Field – my sunglasses of five years (purchased in NYC), fell from my purse and one of the clean-up crew actually turned them in to lost and found!  How great is that!

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