Farmers Markets of the Puget Sound

Whether you are a local or visiting from afar, a Farmers Market is a place to experience community.  The Farmers Market is a great excuse to take a road trip.  Fresh and local quality fare can be found here…such as homemade pasta, seafood, sauces, jams and jellies, crafts, beautiful fresh flower arrangements, plants, and organic or local fruits and vegetables (what these markets are typically known for).  Or try a snack such as roasted corn on the cob, donuts, a hot dog from the local non-profit group, or maybe a dish on the ethnic side.  Many entertain with live music as well.

Most are open from late May/early June through October.  Some are open year-round.  Farmers Markets can be found on a country road, a big city, or anything in between.  Find a list of Farmers Markets in the Puget Sound area here:

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