Waitsburg, WA

Looking for food and drink that a foodie could love (and anyone else for that matter)?  When visiting Walla Walla, drive 20 minutes north past the wheat covered fields on US-12 East to Waitsburg.  As our drive was mostly in the dark (going for dinner), I would like to visit again during daylight…after all, Waitsburg has been around since 1865.  I also would like to keep driving to Dayton at some point as well.

This evening, we went for a taste of Southern Comfort, Cajun cooking at the Whoopemup Cafe.  Our party had the Tomato Bisque soup, Gumbo, Catfish, and the not to miss Jambalaya.  Skip the salad and go for the soup or gumbo as a starter.  Reservations recommended, especially on Friday and Saturday.   http://www.whoopemuphollowcafe.com/

After dinner, we stopped in at the Jimgerman Bar.  There, Dan concocted unique cocktails and offered a bit of info about the vibe of Waitsburg.   An example of offerings are the Moscow Mule, Giving up the Gun, El Greco, and Lee Miller’s Frobisher.   You might want to start at The Jimgerman Bar for appetizers as they offer a seasonal selection of “Etruscan Snacks” …Etruscan is another word for tapas.  Check out a sampling at   http://www.jimgermanbar.com/

Visit www.cityofwaitsburg.com for more details…history, community, and tourism

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