A busy day…

Today was a busy day.  If you are looking for a good wine selection, may I make a suggestion?  Esquin Wine Merchants on 4th Avenue South in Seattle.   http://esquin.com/   Lunch was had at Matt’s in the Market – just above the Pike Place Market.  I made note of this in a May post, but wanted to make mention once again…I really like the hustle and bustle of the lunch crowd.  We enjoyed a half bottle of 2008 Cadence along with the Lamb Burger and Roasted Lamb Sirloin.  For the Lamb Burger, I especially like the brioche roll used.  The bacon was cooked just right…and who could resist goat cheese?  And…the spread of onion jam was a really nice touch.  The dish came with a bowl of garbanzo bean-sultana salad.  http://www.mattsinthemarket.com/  A nice walk through Pike Place Market was had.  To complete the outing, a visit was made to the Picasso exhibit at the Seattle Art Museum (SAM).  I have to admit I am not much of a museum goer but did enjoy the experience today.  I especially liked that I could get more information during the tour using my smartphone and Microsoft Tag  http://tag.microsoft.com/consumer/index.aspx.  My favorite pieces  (in English) were Head of Fernande in Profile, Three Figures Under a Tree, Reclining Nude, and The Studio at La Californie.  Also, it was nice to see the photographs of Picasso with his family and friends.  The exhibit ends on January 17th, 2011.  The best part of seeing special exhibitions at the SAM, is that this entitles you to browse through the thousands of other pieces of art that are part of the museum’s regular rotating exhibits for no extra charge.  I especially like the robe-like form which is made up of 40,000 dog tags (Floor 3, see picture herein)  http://seattleartmuseum.org/.  Note:  Not an inexpensive day out.

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