Mystic Sea Charters… cruise in the Northwest

Hi!  This has got to be one of the best Northwest experiences ever!  Hellams Vineyard in La Conner, WA hosts 2-3 wine and dinner cruises each summer.  This cruise was on a beautiful evening in July with the pouring of Barrister Winery wines.  Mystic Sea Charters takes us on a tour via the vessel Mystic Sea  So fabulous!  The cruise started out in La Conner, moving down the Swinomish Channel to Saratoga Passage, Deception Pass, and then a stop in the waters of Bowman Bay for dinner.  Have you had the opportunity of boating under the Deception Pass bridge?  Give it a try.  This particular tour was approximately three hours in length.  Enjoy the outside deck or choose the protection of the elements inside.  Beauty abounds!  Glistening waters, tree-lined rocky cliffs, beaches, bald eagles, and sea lions were seen.  The hunt was on at one point with a bald eagle chasing a seagull… he was ready for dinner.  A sunset was observed.  The crew is great and the captain has a fun sense of humor.  Make new friends.  The Mystic Sea is based out of Anacortes and is known for their whale watching excursions.  Book a custom trip or join in on an already scheduled charter.  Check out the Mystic Sea Charters website for more information or the Hellams Vineyard site for their wine cruise schedule.  When the weather is this flawless, this experience is one of the best out there! 

A few notes on the wine being served – Barrister Winery is located in a 100 year-old brick building on West Railroad Ave in Spokane, WA (in the Davenport Arts District).  The winemakers, Michael and Greg specialize in making limited edition red wines.  On the boat cruise, the guests enjoyed some of these limited varieties as they are sold mainly at the winery and specialty wine shops – these include Sauvignon Blanc from Klipsun Vineyard, Merlot, and the very limited Cabernet Sauvignon from Bacchus Vineyard.  These along with the award-winning Cabernet Franc and Rough Justice were served.  Do you see the law theme here?

On a side note, I wanted to mention Morgan and Deena at the La Conner Channel Lodge for their tried and true hospitality.  The Channel Lodge is a beautiful place to stay right on the water in downtown La Conner.

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