Mercer Slough Nature Park

Mercer Slough Nature Park is settled between I-90, Bellevue Way, 118th Ave. SE and 112th… a nature park within a mile of the hustle and bustle of downtown Bellevue.  It is approx. 320 acres of wetlands, wildlife and agriculture.  I wish I brought my camera on this day to have captured the beauty.  I will go back.

I saw dragonflies, baby dragonflies, bumblebees, a hummingbird, slugs, a stream, a waterway/slough with a few kayakers, joggers on the 7+ miles of trails, a mother and son picnicking, blackberries to pick, blueberries and fresh produce at the Blueberry Farm, and Winters House (a historical site).  There are trails that go through the open wetlands and one that goes through a wooded forest (Bellefields Trail).  I did not walk towards the boat launch this particular trip.  These easy trails can be walked in an hour or so, as the sections are .3, .6 miles and the like.  They are boardwalk style as well as gravel, bark, and dirt paths.  New to the area, located on 118th Ave. SE is the Mercer Slough Environmental Education Center.  Check out for more fun and interesting info – great site!  This site has a bit more detail than

Speaking of dragonflies, they have been plentiful at my home the past few weeks this summer.  There are babies in blue and red.  If you are curious about dragonflies, see

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