Seahawks Training Camp

Since the new VMAC (Virginia Mason Athletic Center) was built on the shores of Lake Washington in Renton, WA, the Seattle Seahawks have opened up practice/training camp to the public.  This year there are 15 practices between July 29th and August 15th.  It is a nice opportunity to see the new recruits and veterans get ready for their upcoming NFL season.  You will see a scrimmage and drills.  The practice lasts about two hours and possibly a bit longer with the signing of autographs.  You must register at and only those who register will be allowed at camp.  At registration, you will be charged a $5 transportation fee.  Chairs and snacks may be brought in, with restrictions of course.  There is merchandise and also food and beverages available.  Sports Authority offered a $10 coupon for anything purchased over $25 there at the complex.  We indeed made use of this. Park at The Landing in Renton (3rd and 4th level of the parking garage) and take the shuttle buses to and from the event.  They have the process down well…you will check in at the Landing prior to boarding.  This is a nice afternoon for the kids, family, and friends!

Whether it be prior to or after training camp, check out The Landing.  The Landing is still expanding but you will find a nice variety of retail options – Regal Cinemas (entertainment), services, shopping, dining, and more.  Today’s stop was at Vino at the Landing…always recommended.

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