Crabbing near Anacortes, WA

An essential Northwest experience IS crabbing (and boating) in the Puget Sound.  It will be a day that you will remember.  It is fun and can be a learning experience too.  I know I learned about buoys, what makes up the food/bait, traps, and that if the crab is female or if it is under the size limit, then the crab should be returned to the waters.  I also found that others take crab that are not their own…very bad!  There is a limit on the number of crabs that can be taken per day during the season and on this day, it was five.  The season for area 8-1 (Deception Pass) currently is open Thursday through Monday and runs through September 5th.  Check out the following site for more interesting facts (and rules) on crabbing in the Puget Sound area:

Go crabbing with a few friends and bring along some good food and wine (for those not driving anyway).  And if you don’t own a boat, there are services that will allow you to partake in this pleasure.  They will take you out in a boat, you’ll catch the crab (no experience necessary), bring you back to the shore and then it’s off to cooking the crab.  An example of this is U-Catch Crab Feast from Camano Culinary Creations  In one word, feasting on the Dungeness Crab right after it has been caught – YUM!  If you are curious on how to crack crab, take a look at this –  I know I will be studying this prior to my next adventure with crab.

If you desire FRESH..LOCAL oysters or other shellfish to go with your Dungeness Crab feast, visit a Taylor Shellfish Farms retail store in Shelton, Bow or Seattle.  See their website for more information.

Happy Crabbing!

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