Lot No. 3

Lot No. 3, located in downtown Bellevue on 106th, invites you to enjoy comforting foods, great service, and an atmosphere that oozes quality and strength.  Lot No. 3 is part of Heavy Restaurant Group, which also runs Purple Cafe and Barrio.   The lunch menu has a nice selection including combos, nicely plated sandwiches with sides, and great service – Brad was especially charming!  I can recommend the flavorful creamy tomato soup with the lot 3 chopped salad.  Also recommended is the corn & sausage chowder and the veggie sandwich.  Whether it be for lunch, a lazy afternoon stop,  a lively happy hour, dinner or that late night out, you should be pleased with the overall experience.  A favorite for me was the enchanting brick wall.   Have you seen the menu yet?  Comforting choices abound.  Looking for a little entertainment? check out their blog.   As for my evening out list – Lot No. 3 is on it!  Enjoy! http://www.lotno3.com/

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