Madrona… glassybaby, st. clouds

glassybaby is where it all happens!  The Madrona studio showcases the art of glass blowing and the amazing creation of beautiful pieces of art.   glassybaby is located in Madrona, Bellevue, University Village, and New York City!  glassybabys can be purchased here.  Check out a road show too.  Maybe you want to rent a group of glassybabys for a special occasion?  We attended an event at glassybaby Madrona to benefit the Madrona Community Council…also sponsored by Leschi Market.  One thing you will want to note is that a number of glassybabys are designated to their own particular charity.  For example, if you purchase Wet Dog, a portion of the sales would go to the Humane Society.  There are others…  On the home page of their website,  check out “How to Light a glassybaby”… doesn’t it make you want one?  Under the goodwill section, ingest the message “As a company, we are determined to stay true to our mission, we are grateful to our community for sharing in our journey, remembering that as each of us moves through our own story, it is our own voice we must listen to, it is our light that must shine.”   All I can say is… So cool!

Afterwards, a stop was warranted … St. Clouds, who also offered up a number of snacks at the studio, also offers comforting foods, seasonal menus, subdued lighting and music to go with… The Beautiful Sunsets played this particular evening.  We stopped by for a light bite…Caramelized Onion/Grilled Fig and Goat  Cheese Bruschetta and Rusty’s New York Cheesecake with a half bottle of wine to top it off.  Another word for St. Clouds … Community.  View the Community section of their website for more information on the mission…charitable donations,  homeless cooking, putting people to work.  Check out all the inviting info at:

I will explore the Madrona neighborhood in more depth at a later date as the shops and other dining options are calling….

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