Rat City Rollergirls

Have you been wanting to go to one of those “I have to try at least once in my lifetime” kind of events? Well, this is it!  Roller Derby at its finest… Seattle’s own Rat City Rollergirls!  http://ratcityrollergirls.com/  Check out their site to learn about the sport, the teams, the Rollergirls, view the schedule (once a month for the next six months)…and more.

The Rat City Rollergirls league is made up of the following four teams –  Throttle Rockets, Grave Danger, Sockit Wenches, and Derby Liberation Front (DLF).  One word:  Interesting.   On this night, all four teams were playing…Sockit Wenches vs. DLF and Throttle Rockets vs. Grave Danger.  Each game (considered a “bout”) consists of two 30 minute periods.  The event is held at Key Arena at the Seattle Center, and yes, the food and drinks are just as expensive as they are at any other sporting event, although the popcorn is “bottomless”.

Each player (and referee) has their own unique name – like Iron Megan, Hard Cora, Panda Beer, Loco Chanel, Sirius Smack, Know Mercy, and Re-AnimateHer…the Ace Frehley makeup and fur leg warmers are cool!  Those who score and keep track of the penalties wear white lab coats.  Check out What is Roller Derby? in “About us” on their website…you’ll find out about jammers and more.  Try to read up on it prior to going!  If you have been, then I’m sure you will want to go again.

Want to become part of a roller derby team?  Are you tough?  Can you roller skate well?  There are clinics for both players and referees as well as a junior roller derby program (I-5 Rollergirls).

Oh, and in case you were wondering, they do have a 50/50 raffle.  🙂

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