Al Boccalino – Seattle

Al Boccalino, near 1st and Yesler in Seattle, offers cooking classes taught by the famous Luigi DeNunzio himself.  The class is a communal meal, you take home a recipe, and have fun!  Vino is offered (you are in Italy for goodness sake…ciao bella!) and you take home some cooking tips!  Luigi was a fine host on this night; there were 22 of us and four were chosen from a random drawing to help cook.  The ingredients are already prepped, so that makes it easy to get started.   The crowd was mixed, which was quite refreshing in that it really showed the uniqueness of life and lifestyles. Arrive early to engage and get to know your dining partners.

Some of the tips that Luigi wanted us to know…

  • Buy spices at a spice store.  Spices shelf life is 8-12 months.
  • Taste… and meet people
  • If there is a picky eater (like some of your children), they will be picky thinkers – I like this one for kids and adults alike.  At a young age, you don’t know if you like it or don’t like it – you need to taste it, experience it, keep on tasting it, be consistent
  • Bruschetta is pronounced “brewsketa”
  • No need to add oil to the water when boiling water for pasta, salt the water like the sea.
  • Break eggs on a flat surface, not on a rim of a bowl/dish
  • Try to taste without discrimination, explain what it is that you are tasting
  • Use your senses – smell, taste, touch, as well as common sense.  A balance between patience and passion is needed.
  • Capability is not a substitute for authenticity
  • When you plan a couple of meals a little at a time, you get better results
  • Some of the ingredients or prepared food from one meal, should be used to make a new dish another day

The meal this night consisted of Bruschetta con la muffoletta, Penne zucchini & pecorino romano, pork sausage, and Mele al brandy.  Various wines and after dinner drinks were offered… prosecco, wine, grapa, lemoncello, and more…

The Al Boccalino menu is subject to change (even on the night of the class)…there is always something for everyone.

For more information, visit or call 206-622-7688.

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