Flat Iron Grill – Issaquah

Flat Iron Grill is located at Gilman Village in Issaquah, WA.  This treasure serves up a mix of fresh dishes with a team that does it up right.  It is great for an evening out (maybe a weeknight if you’re taking your time) or a Friday or Saturday if you’re heading to a show (like we were… The Producers at the Village Theatre).  The patrons are a mix of regulars and first-timers.  I could tell you about the decor and vibrancy of the restaurant, but I couldn’t say it any better than the About Us page at http://www.theflatirongrill.com/

The menu has a nice variety of fresh, northwest, creative dishes.  It consists of a great selection of starters, entrees, and yes, dessert.  What really stood out for me was the freshness of the dish… halibut with spring onions, pickled rhubarb, pea shoots & green garlic butter sauce.  The black cod with a maple marinade, red wine beluga lentils & arugula was a hit as well.  A side of fingerling potatoes with sea salt was enjoyed.  Every dessert that passed our table looked appetizing.  And how about the whiskey library?  Quite the selection.

I would say those removing plates from the table were a bit eager; but overall, an excellent choice.  Be sure to ask what the specials are, as they will have some tempting options to choose from!  Lunch, Dinner, and Happy Hour.  I’m looking forward to the next time.  Reservations are recommended.

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