Seattle Channel 21

Seattle Channel 21 is a cable channel (Cable Channel 21) and website that showcases Seattle on a community level, whether it be a neighborhood store or weekend entertainment.  Community, news, arts, and shows that  “Connect to Life in the City”.  This is a needed mention for this Blog as it gives you much of what you might find here (minus the news, politics, and shopping).  You will find the Channel provides informative and interesting tidbits but will also find that you will probably feel proud that you live in an area with such history, innovation, and heart.

On the Seattle Channel this past weekend,  I saw a couple different pieces on the show/segment CityStream, where visits were made to Book Larder as well as to a hat shop, Byrnie Utz Hats, which has been around since the 1934.  Byrnie Utz Hats is located at 310 Union Street in downtown Seattle.  You’ll find something from every decade in this place!  There is no website to peruse, no computers to take your payment.  Visit and you will get old-fashioned quality service with a great selection.  Book Larder is located on Fremont Ave. N. in the Fremont district of Seattle.  It is a cookbook bookstore that also has readings and cooking demonstrations.

Visit or go to Cable Channel 21 to check it out and learn something new!

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