The Ravine Experience

Experience the beauty of Fall at the Bellevue Botanical Garden.  The tree color is impressive and the various gardens on the grounds showcase a variety of grasses, ferns, water features, and a few left over blooms from the Summer.  This is a great way to fill a void.  For me, the areas that really shine are the wooded trails that lead to the brand new Ravine Experience.  What is the The Ravine Experience?  It is a 150 ft. suspension bridge that crosses a ravine and the forest floor while leading to and from are the nature trails in which to view unique topography, wildlife, and foliage.  The bridge is anchored on each side by a beautiful stone wall and be sure to notice the materials used to build this impressive structure.  This is a great space to visit on your lunch hour, take a peaceful walk (or an exhilarating run), or bring the family for a forest-like experience within the Bellevue, WA city limits.  Check on the pics below!

It just so happened that I stopped by as they were starting to prepare the grounds for the annual Garden d’Lights holiday light display.  That is next up.


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