Smoking Monkey Pizza

I honestly can say that the pizza made at Smoking Monkey Pizza in Renton, WA is the best pizza I’ve had.  The dough is fabulous and the toppings are fresh and flavorful.  You ‘ll get a kick out of their pizza titles and savor the selection. Smoking Monkey Pizza is located in the heart of downtown Renton on 3rd Street.  There is parking in lots nearby or on the street around the corner.

What types of artisanal pizza and other specialties do they have?  Check out a sample menu on the website…you’ll get an idea.  The mozzarella breadsticks are recommended and certainly you can’t stay (or take away) without having a pizza.  They come in 12″ or 16″.  Maybe you’ll go for a number of 12″ pizzas and take some home with you.  Many of the ingredients are local and their mozzarella and ricotta cheese is homemade.  Mmm Mmm Good.   What pizza have I tried (on a number of occasions)?  The DTR (Downtown Renton) – olive oil, prosciutto d’Parma, gorgonzola, mozzarella, pear, the Quattro Stagioni – San Marzano tomato sauce, Italian sausage, speck, mozzarella, Grana Padano, crimini mushroom, kalamata olive, and the Renton Theater – olive oil, speck, fontina, pecorino, crimini mushroom, caramelized onion.  Do I have to pick a favorite? Wine, beer, and soft drinks are also available.  And a sampling was had of their fresh squeezed blackberry lemonade which was a nice treat too.

Here’s a “Rave” for the great service.  I would expect there should be lines around the corner every night of the week for this treasure.  You can dine in or carry out.  They also use 2Go Services.   It is rare that I want to sit down and get right to work on a posting, but this certainly did it for me.  So, get off the couch and try it out!

IMG_5546 IMG_5544

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