Art in April

April is a great month for art.  If you do one thing this month, you might want to consider a visit to a local gallery or museum, Art Walk, tour or festival.  It might be down the street or make a trip of it to a neighboring city.

The one exhibit that caught my eye is “Paintings About Trees”.  It is showing at Jeffrey Moose Gallery on 5th Avenue in Seattle  through May 3rd.  A great review can be found at

Other options in the Puget Sound area that you may want to consider are the galleries of:

And, this being April, a visit to some of the most beautiful natural art of all, the 31st Annual Skagit Valley Tulip Festival

Art Guide Northwest has all the details you might want to find that special something, whether it be the physical or the beauty of just viewing it.



2 thoughts on “Art in April

    • Have fun at the Tulip Festival and take some pics! We are members of SAM but haven’t been recently, and probably won’t get to Miro (looks interesting!). Make a great day of it!

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