Spots for Imbibing Outdoors

Happy Summer Solstice!  Now that summer is here, you will probably want to enjoy a drink under the sun.  And where might you go? In the Seattle Times on Friday, May 30th, Tan Vinh nudged aside some old favorites to make room for some newcomers.  See the suggestions here:

Other options for enjoying the outdoors (mainly on the Eastside) are:

  • Beach Cafe, Kirkland
  • The Beach House, Kirkland
  • Scotty Browns, Bellevue
  • Bake’s Place, Bellevue
  • Vino at the Landing, Renton
  • World of Beer, Renton
  • 520 Bar & Grill, Bellevue
  • RiverRock Grill & Ale House, Renton
  • Hellam’s Vineyard, La Conner
  • Bin on the Lake, Kirkland
  • California Pizza Kitchen – various locations
  • Daniel’s Broiler – Bellevue (and other locations)
  • Red House Beer & Wine Shoppe, Renton
  • Lot No. 3, Bellevue
  • The Berliner Pub, Renton
  • Purple Cafe & Wine Bar – Bellevue, Kirkland, Woodinville
  • Tap House Grill, Bellevue
  • Rock Bottom Brewery, Bellevue
  • Lunchbox Laboratory, Bellevue
  • Wildfin American Grill – Issaquah and Renton
  • The restaurants at the Bellevue Collection
  • Anthony’s Homeport, various WA locations
  • Cactus, Kirkland
  • Trellis Restaurant, Kirkland
  • and more… enjoy!



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