Bellingham Bells

Looking for a road trip or to try a local summertime activity?  Take in a ballgame in Bellingham, WA with the Bellingham Bells. At the time of this posting, they are done with their 2014 season, but mention had to be made as it is a summertime treat.

The Bellingham Bells are part of the wooden-bat WCL (West Coast League).   They use wood bats instead of those made with aluminum (or other). There are various leagues throughout the USA and the WCL is in this neck of the woods.  It consists of 12 teams, three divisions, the West, East and South (WA, OR, British Columbia), and the teams that make up these divisions, play each other to make it to the West Coast League Championship. With a win over the Corvallis Knights, it just so happens that the 2014 WCL Champion is the Bellingham Bells – way to go!

On the eve of my event at Joe Martin Stadium, they were playing the Cowlitz Black Bears.  The team is made up of a mix of players from colleges throughout the USA such as Gonzaga University, Arizona State, Oakland University, University of Maine, Stanford University, Bellevue College, Lower Columbia CC, and more. These colleges are part of the NCAA, NAIA, and NJCAA.  While they’re in town to play, typically June through August, the players are housed by volunteer host families. And, on a cool note, is that some of baseball’s greats once played with the Bellingham Bells  – Ken Griffey Jr., Omar Vizquel, Raul Ibanez, Dave Stewart, Mike Scioscia, and Derek Lowe to name a few.

The WCL has giveaways, a mascot, food and drink, and fun for friends and family… and the Bellingham Bells have Two-Dollar Tuesdays.  If you can’t get enough baseball in Western Washington, check out the Seattle Mariners (MLB), Tacoma Rainiers (AAA), and Everett Aquasox (A).  But again, if you are looking for a fun summer experience, head to Bellingham!


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