Visitor Information Center

Do you want to visit a location that has a great selection of travel brochures and is also a historical site?  If so, visit the South Snohomish County Visitor Information Center located just off of I-5 in Lynnwood, WA at Exit 181B (heading north or Exit 181 heading south).

The VIC is located in the historical 1919 Wickers Building.  It is a large space with a relaxing atmosphere .  It hosts a great selection (the most I have seen anywhere) of brochures and pamphlets dealing with travel in the Northwest (including Canada), lodging options, local classes and events in Snohomish County, various hiking and camping options in the area as well as commuter information.  Washington State maps and ferry schedules are also available.  These items are free but I would recommend tossing a donation in the donation jar as well as signing the guest registry.  This helps the Snohomish County Tourism Bureau track attendance to the location.  A friendly volunteer will be happy to answer any questions you may have as well.  Also, many VIC’s have a computer for use and some offer calendars, books or souvenir pins for purchase. 

This VIC is located at Heritage Park.  This park was created to preserve the history of the Alderwood Manor area.   Lynnwood was incorporated in 1959 from the larger unincorporated Alderwood Manor.  Besides the Visitor Information Center located in the Wickers Building, the park also houses the Heritage Resource Center (the superintendent’s cottage) and water tower from the 1917 Demonstration Farm, the Geneology Research Library (the park site’s original residence), and Interurban Car 55.  Check out  for additional information such as hours of operation, photos, and other interesting facts.  You will also find a walking tour guide of the park…both on the website as well as in the park itself.;

This post pays tribute to my grandparents who had ties to this park and Alderwood Manor.

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