Things to Do in the Northwest

If you are wondering what is going on this weekend around the Puget Sound or your community,  check out the NW Weekend section of The Seattle Times every Thursday.  Parts of this section can also be found at 

NW Weekend has a variety of sections to tempt you… Best Bets, Weekend Highlight, Getting in Gear, and a detailed section called Datebook.  In Datebook, you will find various community events such as Animal Events, Benefits, Biking, Dance, Fairs/Festivals, Food Events, Hobbies, Museum Events, Sports, Performance…and the like.  There is always one main story showcased as well – this week it is Monte Cristo and Maples…Autumn Treasures of the Mountain Loop.

If I was to head off to one of the events this weekend…I think I might choose Issaquah Salmon Days  Enjoy!

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