Salish Lodge

The Salish Lodge is one of the most majestic and relaxing lodges to experience in the Puget Sound area….or within 4 hours reach anyway.  The Salish Lodge is located in Snoqualmie, WA which is approx. 40 minutes east of Seattle.  It sits above the raging and wonderous Snoqualmie Falls.  This experience was all of the S’s….stay, satisfying, spa, scallops, Stellar, and more…

The first European settlers discovered the falls in 1851 and began running wagons from Seattle along logging roads to open up the natural wonder to the rest of society.  The first lodge was built in 1919 as a food and rest stop for travelers.  The present day Salish Dining Room showcases the lodges’ original fireplace where you can feast on their traditional Country Breakfast that’s been the talk of the many area towns for generations.  Today, make no mistake about it…this is a place for luxury.

We had the pleasure to dine in front of this fireplace for our 4-5 course chef’s dinner…see our recommended/fine selections below:

  • Local Farm Lettuces
  • Braised Kurobuta Pork Belly
  • Halibut Cheek
  • Yuzu Poached Prawns
  • Scallops with Salish Alderwood Smoked Salt
  • Grilled Sturgeon as the Auction Block Catch of the Day
  • Braised Beef Shortrib
  • Cheese Pairing…three delectible choices served with whole grain bread and a vanilla bean-apple compote
  • Creamsicle…frozen heirloom orange curd, creme fraiche ice creams, amaretto cookie crumb, herb garden thyme-canilla foam, huckleberry coulis…so yummy!

Service was excellent, a true fine dining experience with the change of silverware between courses.  Shout out’s needed for Donna C. and Tim.  The fire keeper was certainly an expert at this as well.

Prior to the evening dinner, a duet massage was enjoyed.  A therapeutic massage for two in the fireside room.   This was one of the most relaxing and best massages I have had…the pressure, the crackle of the fire, and I especially liked the hot stones used.  Katie is highly recommended.  Afterwards, a dip in the soaking and mineral pools, sauna, all the while sipping on refreshing citrus water.  The spa area is meant to be silent and tranquil.  It was not as tranquil as it could have been this particular afternoon due to the many people getting spa treatments/taking advantage of the service this day.

And in the Attic, a Falls Cosmo and Lavender Sapphire Collins.  The morning breakfast was also a treat – a Poinsettia, Salish Infused Mary, Sumatra-Putrarimbun french press service, the Railroad Avenue breakfast as well as the Vanilla and Spice Infused Waffles.  Great service by the hostess’, Ricardo, and manager Brian.  Shout out’s to Blake at check-in and the valet.  We will certainly be back.

Check out the beautiful country store located in the Salish Lodge as well.

Overall, a really wonderful experience, a relaxing and highly rated getaway.

You can come for all of the above or al la carte, as both the spa and restaurant can be experienced without a stay at the lodge. The restaurant is a must for all foodies, whether for dinner or the incredible breakfast.  While you are there for any of these reasons… make sure you walk around the paths to take in the breathtaking views of Snoqualmie Falls from different areas of the park – you will not be disappointed!

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