Portalis + D’ambrosio Gelateria

Have you taken a day to experience the various neighborhoods in and around your city?  This day, I spent a couple of hours in Ballard.  It was the first day of Spring in Seattle and was actually the first spring like day this year as well. 

1st stop – D’ambrosio Gelateria   Known for the best and truly authentic gelato in the area,  the Frangola  (Strawberry Sorbet) and Pistacchio di Bronte (Pistachio) were enjoyed.   The gelato is available in Frutta or Crema, in a dish or in a cone.  Cannoli is also offered.  The gelato is made from traditional recipes…the same as in any true Italian Gelateria and handmade fresh each day with natural ingredients and organic products.  D’ambrosio Gelateria…delicious! Stop by and grab a cup, cone or a pint to take home.  http://www.dambrosiogelato.com/

2nd stop – Portalis Wine Shop + Wine Bar  What a pleasure on a lazy afternoon, or anytime for that matter,  Jens and Gina make for great hosts at this local haunt which has also been written up in the NY Times. 

This afternoon the Charcuterie Plate was ordered (coppa, dry salumi, sicilian olives, house pate, mustard, bread) along with the day’s wine tasting selection and a Stone Double Bastard ale.  http://www.portaliswines.com/

Portalis is also a great local wine shop, Jens can help you select a perfect local or international wine for any occasion, and if you talk a little “futbol” ie (soccer) with him, he will regale you with the exploits of the German national team or the Bundesliga as well. This is a great little night spot for dinner or wine tasting.

A very satisfying stop.

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