A La Bonne Franquette

A La Bonne Franquette opened this last month in the Mount Baker neighborhood of Seattle.  In fact, it is on 31st Avenue South… just up the hill from Leschi.  Chef Hamed brings experience and influence from around the world to this intimate French bistro.  Not only is the food and ambiance a hit, you will have to check out the divine views of the Seattle skyline and Olympic Mountains.

The menu here is simple yet varied, comforting, with a bit of gourmet thrown in.  The food really reflects the name as A la bonne franquette means that food is homey and prepared without fuss.  Check out http://alabonnefranquetteseattle.com/  for an example of their menu.  I have personally sampled the majority of the menu.  Try the Assiette de Fromages, Pate, or others to start.  As a side (or make it your main course), the Gratin de Pommes de Terre…Gruyere cheese potato gratin (so good!).  And save room for dessert… I am not a creme brulee fan typically, but this is indeed the best I have had.  Also, try the Pot de Creme de Chocolat (a rich chocolate mousse).  There are daily specials and they have a nice wine selection, a mix of French and Washington wines.

Bring your friends, drink a drink, taste the flavors! Hours of operation are Tuesday through Saturday, 5 pm – 10 pm.

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