September in Walla Walla

Walla Walla, WA!  Check out previous posts from February 2011 and October 2010.  Consider this an update as I found some changes in downtown Walla Walla.  Some of the long time merchants have closed or are closing, including Willow.  There are also a number of welcomed arrivals – Public House 124, Green Spoon, and Kerloo Cellars tasting room.  Walla Walla’s Farmers Market was in full swing this September weekend.  I purchased a number of photo cards that represent the beautiful work of J. Franklin Willis  I particularly like the barn and farm scenes.  Kerloo Cellars has been added to my favorites list.  A welcome addition to the Walla Walla wine community, making great tasting artisan wines.  Visits were made to some of my faves like Walla Walla Clothing Company, Sinclair Estates, Trust, The Marcus Whitman (ladies, you will love the full length mirrors), Five Star Cellars, and Kontos.  Oh, and I must give a shout out to the gift shop/lobby area of Three Rivers Winery.  Also, a tour and tasting (by appointment only) at Long Shadows  Long Shadows is a real treat…personalized service, top-notch wines, and a state-of-the-art winery.  A Dale Chiluly glass chandelier hangs in the lobby as well as other pieces throughout the tasting room.  Allen Shoup, one of the founding fathers of the Washington Wine industry and founded this winery to showcase Washington wines to the rest of the U.S. as well as the world, by bringing in great winemakers from all over the globe.  Long Shadows has nine wine makers making six different main wines – Poet’s Leap Riesling (Armin Diel), Pirouette (Philippe Melka, Agustin Huneeus), Chester-Kidder (Gilles Nicault, Allen Shoup), Saggi (Ambrogio & Giovanni Folonari), Feather (Randy Dunn), Sequel (John Duval) and Pedestal(Michel Rolland).  I was fortunate to have met both Gilles Nicault and John Duval (John was here from Australia selecting the grapes for this year’s Sequel)  – both gracious and inviting.

Public House 124 – ooh la la.  We happened along this find while searching for what suited our taste buds and desire for a more easy-going evening out.  We found it to be a great place to socialize, eat, drink, and enjoy the Walla Walla scene, whether they were locals or visitors. The stylish decor is inviting and warm, with the brick walls, fireplace, variety of seating options, open kitchen, and TV’s at the bar for viewing.  An outdoor patio is a nice addition during good weather.  Public House 124 has a nice selection of cocktails and beer assortment.  The menu is a blend of small plates, sandwiches, and a few entrees thrown in.  The Pork Shoulder Torta was shared (with fries).  The starters included the special, tangy Korean Chicken Wings with Asian Pear Salad (Slaw).  So scrumptous, especially the pear slaw.  And the Scallion Crepes (almost like a wrap), included Peking style roasted chicken, cilantro, shaved Walla Walla sweet onion, and a flavorful hoisin sauce.  Highly recommended with a gracious and pleasant staff taking care of your needs.

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