Seattle Mist

The Seattle Mist is Seattle’s answer to the LFL (Lingerie Football League).  If you like football and want to see a bit more skin, then this is the game for you!   There are 12 teams in the LFL (6 in each conference) and play four games each (2 at home, 2 away).  The Seattle Mist finished the season 2-2.  They play two 17-minute (or so) halves at Showare Center in Kent, WA.   There is not a bad seat in the house (but that might depend on your neighbors).  Rock/dance music is played throughout the game… except for when action is in play (love it!).  At the final game, the Seattle Seahawks Blue Thunder drum team was in attendance along with four Seattle Seahawks players to assist with the coin toss.   Seattle Mist gear is available for purchase and the gals had a meet & greet/sign autographs after the game.   It’s entertaining, action packed, and makes for a good night out!

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