Happy Hour at Koral

Koral Bar & Kitchen, new to downtown Bellevue, WA, is located in the Hyatt Regency.  Koral is a new venture by the owner/operators of Pearl (one of my favorite happy hour spots).  The decor is modern rustic (at least that is my take on it) and the menu varied.  You might say some things belong, others maybe not.  In the bar, seating can be found at the bar, longer tables for groups, and a number of high rounds for smaller parties.  To try out this new joint, we ordered the following:

  • Oxtail Sliders – flavorful and satisfying – the best option on the happy hour menu
  • Macrina Potato Bread (needed for the extra cheese from the Pub Cheese dish) – recommended!
  • Charcuterie –  with all the true Charcuterie plates in the area, this one misses the mark – definitely skip this!  The pickled cucumber was nice.
  • Pub Cheese – pretty good – a salted soft pretzel with a “clump” of cheese.  A little out of place with the rest of the menu though.
  • Tai Tung Pot Stickers – enjoyed!  Pork and Vegetable filling.  The sauce is nothing to write home about but it is a nice selection anytime, although Din Tai Fung is right across the street.

At happy hour, the appetizers and drinks are half off, with the beer at $2.  A pretty good value to set you up for the evening.  The service was ok as you had your main server and others helped serve and clear.  Their specialty cocktails are a bit overworked, some hit the mark while others fall incredibly short – stick with a beer (selection is limited) or a more classic drink.

Will we be back?  Yes, as I would like to try the main menu, it’s a great location, and like the concept…but with all the great choices in the area, I’m not sure how soon that will be.   http://koralbellevue.com/

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