LeMay – America’s Car Museum and Frisko Freeze

LeMay – America’s Car Museum just turned one year old!  Happy Anniversary!  It’s located near the Tacoma Dome on 2702 East D St.  There is a beautiful variety of automobiles from the early 1900’s on.  And if you aren’t a car buff, you’re sure to enjoy.  ACM (America’s Car Museum) has four levels with ramps on each side, all filled with automobiles (of sorts) and don’t forget to check out the walls there for interesting information, whether it be the history of Ferrari or how a “green” car is made.   The Indy 500 collection just opened in June.  And my goodness, opening August 9th is “60 years of Vette” – now this will be a must see!

Besides the cars on display, the building also contains the Museum Store, Classics by Pacific Grill Cafe, and banquet room for that special event on your calendar.  The Museum also showcases a number of fun as well as educational areas, like the State Farm Theatre, Auto Care Center, and ACM Speed Zone – try your hand at racing in a CXC simulator or on the slot car track – this can really add to the overall experience.  And check out the ACM website to view upcoming events, like the Vintage Motorcycle Festival and the Summer Drive-in Movie Series.

Interested in what the collections are located here?  The four levels contain the Harold E. LeMay Collection, Custom Coachworks, British Invasion, Nicola Bulgari Collection, Indy 500 Racing, Ferrari in America, Alternative Propulsion, and Collection Galleries.  The collections will change periodically, so more than likely you will want to visit again.

Check out a number of my favorites below.


A day of Tacoma was made of it as a stop was made at Frisko Freeze as well as a Tacoma Rainier’s baseball game. Frisko Freeze first opened in 1950, and still looks like a drive-in (of sorts) of the 50’s.  Frisko Freeze has a drive-thru window and limited parking.  The seating is outdoor only… in your car, on the curb, on a bench.  It’s seen a lot in the 6+ decades.  The prices are low and the reputation of tastiness still privales.  What was ordered?  Onion rings, French fries, a large pop, cheeseburger and double “beefburger” with cheese.  And the favorites were?  Onions rings!  And what to try next? a blackberry milkshake.  There are 8+ kinds to choose from.  And if you want a Malt instead, choose one.  Not only do they have burgers, they also have a fishwich, shrimpwich, corn dog, fish and chips, and more.  Frisko Freeze is located at 1201 Division St., Tacoma, WA.



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