Washington State Parks Turn 100 years old

Washington State Parks turn 100 years old this year.  It was March 19, 1913 that the Washington state park system was established.  It’s their Centennial and events are planned throughout the year.  How many state parks are there in Washington?  117 according to  http://www.parks.wa.gov/  and 186 if you’re looking at http://www.stateparks.com/wa.html.  So many to see, so much to do.  Whether it’s hiking the trails, picnicking, camping, taking in the views, and the list goes on.  There are those parks along waterways, in the desert, on an island, in a forest, near a lake or river.  Do you have a favorite?  My favorite would be Rosario Beach/Deception Pass.  And you know, I have not been to nearly a quarter of them, so guess what, we have a lot to see.

How can you help keep the Washington state parks up and running? Help support the Parks by donating, purchasing a Discovery Park pass, and accepting the $5.00 Parks fee when you renew your license tabs each year.

And if you are up for a challenge and like marking things off your list, there is a State Parks Centennial GeoTour Passport tour.  100 caches 100 parks 100 years.  How does this work?  Check out http://www.parks.wa.gov/geocaching/geotour/default.aspx and print your passport.  Visit as many parks as you can to claim caches.  As of this posting, I have been to two of the WA State Parks listed.   http://www.geocaching.com/adventures/geotours   http://www.wsgaonline.org/files/parks/wastatepks2013-overview.pdf

Get out there!


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